Saturday, August 13, 2016


The winners have been picked for Peggy's tour! I'm excited to announce them. But first, here are the posts all in one place.

Author Interviews

Book Review

Character Interviews


Guest Post

And now to see who the winners are. 


Due to there only being 15 people who entered, everyone is a winner! Congratulations!

 5 copies of Elle Burton
Beth A.
Sally P.
Lisa R.
Renee G.
Mary P.

8 copies of Missing
Sharon E.
Connie A.
RJ C. 
James R.
Corrine T.
Raechel K.
Victoria M.
Heidi L.

2 Pendant Replicas
Samantha D.
Emily A.

Congratulations, all! Peggy will be in touch with each of you soon.


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