Saturday, January 21, 2017

Such a pretty cover!

Abigayle Claire has kindly allowed me to help share her new book cover! It is gorgeous!

About the Book

Gemma Ebworthy is eighteen, pregnant, and alone. Now that she’s been evicted, she spends the night in a barn, never dreaming that tomorrow could bring kindness of a life-changing magnitude.

The Martins aren’t a typical family—even for rural Kansas. With more kids than can be counted on one hand and a full-time farm, Gemma must make a lot of adjustments to fit in. But despite their many differences, Gemma finds herself drawn to this family and their radical Christian faith.

When Gemma’s past collides with her yet again, she must begin revealing her colorful history. With every detail Gemma concedes, she fears she will lose the Martins’ trust and the stable environment she desires for herself and her unborn child. Just how far can the Martins’ love and God’s forgiveness go?

Available on Amazon on February  4, 2017

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Anavrea Winner!

Thank you for joining us for Rachel Rossano's blog tour! It was a fun time. If you missed any posts, please go here to see some more.

And now for the moment we've all been waiting for! Who is the winner?

Drumroll, please...

Marlene R.!

Congratulations! I have sent your email address to Rachel and she will get the music to you as soon as she can.

Thank you all for participating!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Posts to Share

Thanks for stopping by on this stop for my blog tour. Please feel free to grab either of the pictures on here to share with the post or email. And thank you for spreading the word about my new covers!

Facebook Post for Sharing

Preorder #Sale! The first book in the ORPHANS of the West series is just $0.99 from now until the release day, February 26, 2017! 


Monday, January 2, 2017

The Reward of Anavrea: A Review

We all like a reward, don't we? But, not all rewards are what they appear. That's the case in the latest installment of Rachel Rossano's Theodoric Saga. Rachel created an intriguing Historical-like Christian Fantasy as she tells the tale of Jayne and Liam. Find out more and be sure to check out the giveaway and my review!

About the Book

She couldn’t hide forever.

A hard life taught Jayne to avoid men, powerful men most of all. When a new nobleman arrives to take over the vargar, she takes her family and hides. But the new baron seeks her out and makes her an offer she can’t refuse: protection. However, once they were sheltered behind the dark stone walls of the vargar, who would protect her from the new master?

His reward isn’t what it seems.

King Ireic of Anavrea charges Liam, a former bodyguard, with the task of retaking and taming a corner of the northern wilds. Upon arrival at Ashwyn Vargar, Liam finds challenges beyond his military experience. The keys to the vargar are missing and so are the field hands who should be harvesting the fields. Once he finds the keeper of the keys, she raises more questions than answers.