Monday, September 26, 2016

Faith is the Victory

This book is different from most of my books. First, it's a contemporary fiction book. Second, it's about a college student going through some struggles in his life. Third, despite the shortness of the book, I decided to do a paperback of it! The paperback version isn't available yet, but it should be soon and will be $4.99 on Amazon or $4.00 signed from me.

About the Book

Winning story in Perry Elisabeth Design’s short story contest.

I don’t like change. I know most people get used to it, but I have never been able to. When Dad announced their move and I couldn’t go with them, I didn’t handle it well. Would I ever find the faith to be victorious?

Content warning: A character does attempt suicide, so please read with caution.

Available on Amazon and other platforms such as Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Scribd.

Paperback coming soon!

About the Author

Faith Blum started writing at an early age. She started even before she could read! She even thought she could write better than Dr. Seuss. (The picture doesn’t show it well, but there are scribblings on the page of Green Eggs and Ham). Now that she has grown up a little more, she knows she will probably never reach the success of Dr. Seuss, but that doesn’t stop her from trying.
When she isn’t writing, Faith enjoys doing many right-brained activities such as reading, crafting, playing piano, and playing games with her family. One of her dreams is to visit Castle City, Montana. She currently lives on a hobby farm with her family in Wisconsin.
There are many ways to connect with Faith online. All of them can be found in one convenient place: On her website you can find links to her various social media sites and both of her blogs.


This book doesn’t have much to do with Faith is the Victory, but if you like Westerns or stories about mail order brides, you might just like this novella. And it’s written by me.


I have two loving parents who raised me to love God, two adorable twin sisters who annoy me occasionally, but otherwise aren’t too bad, and a little brother who loves to do anything with me.

My sisters’ names are Dalaiah and Deborah and they are fourteen-years-old. They both have a couple babysitting jobs, but otherwise mostly do their schoolwork and whatever girls do with their friends. Daniel is my nine-year-old brother and all boy just like me. He loves to play ball of any kind, roughhouse, build tree forts, dream about cars, and he really loves learning.

One of our favorite things about homeschooling is that pretty much anything counts toward school. Mom had specific things we each had to learn, but then we could branch off from there. I probably already knew more about engineering than most of the college students. Daniel’s favorite study at the moment is astronomy, Dalaiah’s is art, and Deborah is into plants and trees.
      My dad is the manager at a big department store, and I think he does a great job. You can probably guess what Mom’s job is. A few years ago, I saw a neat job title for what she does and have told her a few times that she should get a diploma made up or something. The title is: Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations. Pretty neat, don’t you think?

Truth Through the Ages Party

Me and my friend, Amanda Tero, are hosting a Facebook party on September 30th to celebrate their new releases! There will be giveaways, games, fun times, and a grand prize. We are also giving away a set of 4 eBooks to the person who invites the most guests. So head on over, invite some friends and then ask them to vote for you in the poll. The Party link is here and the link to the poll can be found here. We are also doing some fun pre-party posts and today and tomorrow, we are taking questions from the guests.

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